Brides and groom say

Our brides and groom


Marina and Marco

“What can we say? You have been such a descreet, elegant, friendly person. You have followed  our wishes in everything. We couldn’t ask for a better wedding planner who became also a friend. We feel blessed”


Martina and Antonio

“We couldn’t make it without you. Thank you”


Jon Michael and Jennifer

From the groom and bride: “This was not only a wedding but  an entire dream week. The location overlooking Florence, the hotel, the setting, the romanticism exceeded all our expectations. Moroever when JM lost his wedding ring and you helped us to replace with a new one. The best wedding planner, ever!


Ada and Gianpaolo

“This is without any doubt your job! You cannot do anything else but making people happy with your plans”


Caroline and Sinclair

“We had the most wonderful time in Florence and the wedding day was wonderful. The ceremony at the Sala Rossa was amazing and we felt honoured that Mario and you married us and moreover it is always a feast when we come to Florence, so nice to have a friend here!”
Vanessa and Steven : “We married just the two of us: the ceremony was so intimate but also funny. Thank you for being our translator at the Sala Rossa and for having arranged an italian breakfast at the Rivoire cafè as well guided us in all the aspects of our ceremony. We felt so lucky and unique”


Elisa and Leo

From the bride: “I was so calm, no stress, I enjoyed every bit of my wedding even if we already had two children. I could never imagine to have so much fun at my wedding. I felt blessed to have you there!
Elena and Ema: ” The entire week-end was perfect, the blessing on the beach, just having my love and my best girlfriends around me: the romanticsm, the laughs, the weather, the timing, the food, the wine…everything was so perfectly organized”


Elke e Gustavo

“We had our small, romantic ceremony in Portoferraio (Isola d’Elba) and it was just perfect. Simona helped us with documents and being the connection with town hall, then I asked her to organize a small champagne toast after the ceremony and God, she brought us to the Enoteca della fortezza! What a treat! Thank you so much again for everything!”


Natalia and Tales, May 2013

“And thanks, thanks, thanks!!!! The weeding was so beautiful… I loved!
Kisses to you! =)”


Anna and Matt, UK

“My guests kept saying: this is the best wedding ever!”