Contract & fee

We will send you a contract to protect us and to take full responsibility, as well as protect you.

Our contract will specify and underline all agreements with already the amount of the fee without any hidden cost.
 We will make all the possible efforts to make it very clear and help our clients understand what is included in each bespoke weddings.

We offer a very personal approach to client, this means that we don’t work always with the same venue, photographer, catering and so on (although we have a large file of professionals) because we perfectly know that all the couples are different, with different taste and different budget and also because we love to do different weddings.

What our contract includes:

Wedding date and location

Wedding planner’s name and contact information

Bride & Groom’s names and contact information

Compensation: fees, initial deposit, payment method and schedule

Cancellation and refund policy

Signatures of both clients and date the contract is signed

Signature of the wedding planner

All the weddings (small or big) demand hours of planning and lots of paper works!

If you decide to avail an expert wedding planner we will manage for you the endless emails and calls to deal with location and vendors as well as the legal paper works required by Italian bureaucratic offices if you are going to marry religiously or civilly (this will come at extra  wedding fee).

Hiring a wedding planner can be difficult, we know very well, and a mutual trust is a must!