Venues for Weddings & Events

The venue is part of your dream and truly is the best part of our job.


Castles, villas, farmhouses, loft, private gardens, orangery, terraces whatever your dream is and no matter how many guests you have, I will help you finding the perfect place for your wedding.
I know that finding the perfect venue is very important.

I have scouted medieval castle surrounded by woods, farmhouses surrounded by vineyards and olive trees and watercolor skies.
This could be, maybe, the stereotypical image of Tuscany, but it is true and you will realize it as soon as you touchdown the region. Please see here our best location.

How much time is requested to choose a location?

Vincigliata castle at nightIt depends. I had couples who saw only one location and that’s been it, with others take months.
Everyone is different and has different tastes; I am here to help and to advise the best choice for you.
I also would like very much that couples will fly over and show them around, but if this is not possible I will submit you few and explain all the characteristic of the venue including the pros and cons.
If you see a venue (different than the ones I work with), I still work on with you.
Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Among many venues I like to work with the following:

  • Carlo e Camilla in Segheria
  • Casale de’ Pasquinelli
  • Castello di Vincigliata
  • Dimora delle Balze
  • Lido del Faro
  • Locanda in Tuscany
  • Tonnara di Marzamemi
  • Villa Bellosguardo
  • Villa Bernardini
  • Villa Careggi
  • Villa le Fontanelle
  • Villa Medicea di Lilliano
  • Villa Serbelloni
  • Ville in Tuscany

You will have the possibility to choose among the most amazing venues of Tuscany or stay in nice, cozy private villas in the outskirt of Florence with private catering and chef, suitable for small and intimate