Villa Bernardini

A jewel of late Renaissance architecture suggests that the designer (whose name is now lost in time) belonged to the school of Vincenzo Civitali. The villa is located in Lucca.

The building is on two floors plus an attic and a basement; the structure is a cubic block, typical of late-Renaissance architecture, the pavilion roof is equipped with wooden gutters, the front porch has three arches. The interiors keep intact the furnishings of the time (many of which are decorated with the family crest) to which were added, with the passing of generations, those of successive periods: furniture, stuccos, paintings, furnishings all old, original and well preserved, combine to convey to the visitor the feeling of making a “leap into history”.

This villa is a charming and fascinating history that makes the residence, still inhabited by the descendants of Bernardino Bernardini, a well-known museum and place to web. You can admire a romantic garden, a small one, the front of the villa as well as the old orangery all places that you can use and make your wedding an unforgettable experience. The villa has no rooms therefore it is possible only to rent but within few minutes you have several nice hotels for you and or your guests.